Mommy Brain

I just realized that the 10th was on a MONDAY, not a Tuesday. So my epic fail of documenting the beauty of our every day life was due to painting, picking up friends, going to a Baby Wearing meeting, hanging out with a friend for lunch, picking kids up, homework, piano practice, and moving absolutely everything in my bedroom to get it prepped for painting. So, I might have been busy on Tuesday, but that was the 11th, not the 10th.

Its really sad when you can't keep your days straight.

I had lunch with my "girls" (or my PEEPS, as Jessica might call us) yesterday. We were talking about how pregnancy and babies slowly suck away your brain cells. The more kids you have, the worse it is. Dana is now priding herself on having her "One and Done" kid named Zain. She has deducted that she is now the smartest of us all.

I'm not gonna argue with that!

But dude...  my cute kids are totally worth the lack of brain function, right?

and btw, that third one's not mine. As far as I know.


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