Greek Fest 2012

Hey, remember Greek Fest last year?

Yeah, didn't end the way we would have liked.

Jayce was adamant about not going this year. I thought he'd snap out of his attitude about Greek Fest once it came time to go..... but nope. He kept saying that he didn't want to break his arm again.

"But Jayce, we won't even go near the playground this time!" I tried to reassure him.

"No. I'm not going." He was sticking to his guns.

I guess it will take a few years (or decades) for Jayce to stop associating one of our favorite Fall festivals with the pain of breaking his arm. :(

My mom swooped in and saved the day. She had heard about a Batmobile car show in Charlotte, NC the very same weekend. She took Jayce up there for the day while the girls, Brian, and I went to Greek Fest.

It was different not having Jayce with us. We certainly did miss him, but I'm going to be honest here.... 

It was just a tad bit easier not bringing him along.

But I can't complain without first remembering how far Jayce has come. 

I was looking back through previous years' posts remembering how much Jayce hated the crowds there. And the loud music. And the smells of the food cooking. 

All he wanted to do was leave. 

Yet, every year got a little bit better. More progress was made. His enjoyment of the festival outweighed his discontentment. 

So, I'm betting that Jayce will want to go with us in 2013. We'll probably stay off the playground, though :)


  1. I know it stinks not to have your family together, but sometimes everyone is happier.

    Totally random but I was at Target the other day and saw a doll that looks like Jaina!


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