Catching Up: Water Park!

Once we crossed Carowinds off of our summer to-do list, Jayce began asking "when are we going to the water park, Mommy?" It didn't matter that we had just been to the water park at Carowinds (which honestly trumps any local water park around here) or had just played at the fountain downtown. He had his mind set on going to Otter Creek.

Plans with friends fell through as did babysitting options for Jocelyn. With our therapy schedule this summer, we had limited opportunity to head to the next town over. School was scheduled to begin soon and we knew we'd only have one last chance to go.

Thanks to the generosity of my friend Dana, we got three people in for the price of one! Thanks again, Dana, for the coupons!

The kids immediately took off for the slides. Jocelyn and I settled ourselves in the zero entry pool.

I had to make the kids sliding to go eat.

Jayce loves our refillable Rhino concessions cup :)

After the pool, Joce took a little nap and then played on a beach towel for a while. 

Suddenly we heard thunder. Behind us, the sky was a brilliant blue. In front of us? A dark menacing cloud loomed over. Everyone was ordered out of the water.

Thank goodness we had Jocelyn to keep us entertained. 

After about 30 minutes, we were asked to leave the park and find shelter. We headed to our car for about 30 more minutes. It soon became evident that the water park would be closing for good.

Jayce was very sad that our afternoon got cut short. In fact, he's STILL asking when we can go back again.

Maybe next year :)


  1. Glad you got to go for a little while at least!

  2. I love them!

    Now, how long until you noticed your lens had a smudge?


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