Catching Up: Jocelyn's Day In

While the rest of the family was living it up in the 90+ degree Carowinds sun, Jocelyn was chillin' with some of her favorite people.

First babysitting shift was from 9-2:30. Judd and Monica handled the morning duty just fine :)

Jocelyn was a doll for them. She played, ate well, and even napped for them.

My mom took over about 2:30 PM and stayed until we got home at bedtime. She texted me some photos of their afternoon together but I'll have to get her to email them again. Even though Jocelyn was asleep when we got home, I had to go and pick her up in her crib anyway. I missed her so much! She slept almost the entire night and my arms ached for her.

We were still nursing at the time and let me tell you how fun it was to pump with a manual hand pump in the middle of our day. I have to give props to Carowinds, though.... they had wonderful accommodations for nursing and pumping moms!


  1. Monica7:15 PM

    I am honored to have my pictures on your blog!

  2. Jocelyn is beautiful!

  3. Finally taking a minute to catch up with your blog! I can't believe this baby girl is all sitting up like a big kid and stuff. So cute!!!

    And I recognize that romper! ;)


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