Catching Up: CAROWINDS!

There's not much to say about our awesomely fun day at the local amusement park. The biggest question on everyone's mind was "Will Jayce be tall enough to ride the good rides?" He had measured 47.5 inches at one of his last doctor's appointments and we were hoping that he would be a full 48 inches by the time Carowinds rolled around.

The suspense was killing Jaina!


This is the brand new ride that opened this summer. We chose not to ride it since patrons were stuck on it for 2 hours a few days before.

That's the Intimidator. Jayce swears  he will ride this as soon as he is 54 inches tall. I can assure you he'll be going by himself. No way I'm getting on that thing.

Jayce and Brian rode Thunder Road together. Jaina and I chickened out.

And one more parting shot of the great Intimidator. We were very intimidated.

Well, I guess that was two shots :)

And where was Jocelyn during all this time?

That's for another post :)


  1. Monica9:55 PM

    The Intimidator is my favorite ride!! I much prefer it to the coasters that give you whiplash. Tell Jayce I will ride with him.

  2. I used to LOVE roller coasters but couldn't do them after having Lyla. I wonder if having Rex knocked my body back to normal and I like them again. Hmm...


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