Jaina and Shaggy

These were taken almost a month ago, but I didn't want to leave them off the blog.

It was one of those ordinary times that turned into a good opportunity for pictures. Jocelyn and I were sitting on the floor of Jayce's room putting clothes away in his drawer. Jaina came in and sat against Jayce's loft bed and started talking to us. The light from the window across the room was perfect. 

Shaggy wandered by and came into the room when he saw us in there. 

Oh yeah.... someone loves that dog. A lot.

I can't believe my oldest is 10.


Sigh. That certainly makes me feel old.


  1. And a lovely 10 year old she is!

  2. So cute! My oldest is turning 5 in about a month and I can't even believe that.

  3. My oldest is 18, so I feel extra old. HAHAHAHA But, anyway my daughter is 12 and her special friend is her Dog/fur baby is Rocco. They are side by side at all times. These pics reminded me of her. I'll have to post some new ones of them.


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