Summer colds are for the birds

It started out with Jaina whining, "M-o-o-o-m... my throat kinda hurts. And my head. And my nose is stuffy."

Welcome back to school alright. School: otherwise known as a germ infested community full of 4th and 5th graders with no proper hygiene.

As soon those words came out of her viral infected throat, my husband Brian started coughing and using WAY too many tissues. "I blame you," he simply stated as he tried to get comfortable despite not being able to breathe out of his nose.

The very next day is when the cold hit me.

Why do mothers not get "sick days" again?

I managed to drag myself throughout my daily routines. Make breakfast, pack lunches, carpool line, laundry, juggling baby, dishes, carpool line again, homework, therapy, cook dinner, fall into bed exhausted.

My poor baby Jocelyn was the last to get "the crud" as I had taken to calling it. I had to get out the nose suctioner thingy so I could torture her with it. Eating purees went out the window. Nursing was not going well due to her horrible latch. Its hard to nurse when you can't breathe through your nose at all.

I'm happy to report that we are all on the mend. I still have no idea how Jayce escaped coming down with this crud. His theory? "Mom, I didn't get sick because I eat so many vegetables every night!" I might actually believe that logic if I hadn't known that he didn't have a single vegetable in the 4 nights I was too sick to cook. Unless there were some hidden vegetables in his Pizza Rolls or Ramen Noodles.

And because I don't like writing blog posts without a picture....


  1. All I read was: Blah blah blah oh how cute, there's Joce! ;) Feel better, all y'all. We had it before school, again!

  2. Ugh, so sorry! Summer colds are the pits...but with back-to-school, I'm just waiting. I'm the hand washing Nazi--I won't let the kids even have a drink when they get home until they've washed their hands! Not that it does much good, but it makes me feel better. Feel better, all!

  3. Yeah, I am pretty sure Lyla brought the crud home to Rex, Seth and I but somehow managed to avoid getting it herself. She's a carrier, I tell you. Rex was spitting up all weekend from the drainage--yesterday was the first day in about 5 days that he took a full bottle and kept it down. I had my worst day Sunday--Seth was playing guitar at church so staying home from church didn't exactly offer me a break. He took over once he got home, though. And he bought the stuff and made chicken noodle soup for me. :)


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