You know, Jocelyn is a really easy toddler.

Don't get me wrong... her favorite word is "No" followed closely by "MINE!" and she can throw down a tantrum like nobody's business.

But in terms of wild behavior or getting into trouble, she doesn't do much of either.

There was the time that she unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper in order to wipe her Minnie Mouse's bottom after the stuffed animal had a potty success, but that's it.

She doesn't get into the dog's food or water. She doesn't climb on furniture. She doesn't color on the walls or rip pages out of books.

I realized the other day, when she put herself in Time Out because she was copying the three-year-old I babysit who was sent to Time Out just moments before, that I've never had to enforce a Time Out consequence for Jocelyn yet. She's not a physical kid, so there's not been hitting or biting or kicking to curb. She doesn't always want to obey a direction from me, but for the most part, she will do it eventually. As long as she thinks it is her idea :)

Brian totally busted Jocelyn on Saturday, though.

In her defense, I have never told her she can't play with my make-up bag. In fact, I often let her rummage through the bag when I'm getting ready in the mornings. I'll put powder on her face and lip gloss on her lips so she can be "pretty" like mommy.

The bag was easily in her reach and the door to the bathroom was open. And neither of her parents were intently keeping an eye on her. Usually when Jocelyn is doing something of a quiet nature, she is reading books in her room, or playing Minnie Mouse dress up dolls in the playroom, or she's finding a private place to poop.

A simple wipe of a neutrogena make-up remover towelette and she was good as new.

Sigh. I wish I could say the same thing for some of my eye shadow, though!


  1. Ha ha. Evan is into everything! And he is all the boy that Jocelyn is not. He likes to hit, pinch, bite, and climb under or over what he's not supposed to. I'm so glad Jocelyn is an easy baby!

  2. oh how cute! my Sabrina(and even my boys) love getting into my makeup. it's something so fascinating to them!! :) she is just so stinking cute!!

  3. She is the cutest criminal ever.


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