Trick or Treat Bunny

Our family grocery shops at a popular discount chain once a week. The problem with going to a discount super store is that we end up with a lot of stuff that doesn't qualify as a "grocery" at all.

And let's be honest... Brian spoils the kids rotten. What started as a simple reward system for good behavior during the week turned into "You want that? Sure. Whatever". And no, I don't approve of this at all. Brian and I don't agree on a lot of parenting stuff and he usually just lets me have my way. Except when it comes to buying his kids crap.

Which is why my youngest daughter picked out a Minnie Mouse Easter Basket and a bunny ear headband from the Easter aisle and then promptly asked a stranger to "trick-or-treat?"

No, we didn't need the basket OR the bunny ears. If my kids would let me wait until St. Patrick's Day is over, I will gladly get out the box of Easter/Spring decorations and show them that we have plenty of baskets and bunny ears.

Hat guy has been replaced by our own little 2-year-old Bunny Rabbit. Those ears go everywhere now.

I wanted to get a few cute pictures of her in her ears (and her consignment find dress that I'm in love with myself) and surprisingly enough, she was extremely cooperative. 

I just don't think she can get any cuter. Today, anyway. 

First time in pigtails, too :) I'm a sucker for pigtails. 

I was really done taking pictures, but she kept walking up to my camera and staring at her reflection in the lens. I was using my 24 mm wide angle lens to try to give it some love. 

Jaina used to do the "Crinkly nose" thing, too, and it kills me with cuteness.

Looks like we are ready for Easter! Just 40 days too early :)


  1. So precious!! I love those ears.

  2. I wish I had been the one she said "trick or treat" to. I totally would have put something in her Minnie basket.


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