I Heart Faces: Smile

Photo Challenge Submission

When you have a child, you live to see their faces brighten up with a smile at the simplest of pleasures. You get bonus points if you did something to actually contribute to their happiness :)

So, how do you pick the best smile when you have three kids worth of smiles to choose from?

It was easy; I picked the one that was the hardest to get.

Jayce has autism. He doesn't like to make eye contact with people or the camera. Smiling naturally also is hard for him. He deals with anxiety and sensory issues. All that stuff combined can make taking his picture very challenging.

But ice cream at Disney World after riding his new favorite ride ever?

Even Jayce can't resist a smile after that.

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  1. His eyes are amazing, what what a bright smile he has! Love the picture. Good job!

  2. Love the lighting here! Glad he was able to so enjoy your trip!

  3. After reading your story, that smile is even more gorgeous! What a handsome guy and what a treasure for you!

  4. He is so adorable! :) I know you're so proud of that guy.

  5. He has such a handsome smile. :)


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