No luck of the Irish around here

We like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day American style by drinking at Delany's Irish Pub, wearing goofy shirts, and putting green food dye in everything.

Eh, except we just weren't feeling it this year. We were pretty busy this past weekend and didn't make it downtown without kids. Brian's co-worker had already requested the day off, so Brian wasn't able to take the day off like he normally does.

I barely got the kids' shirts in time. And with rain and 37 degrees, there was no way we were taking pictures in the clover like we normally do.

It was cold and wet and gross out all day.

Jocelyn had thrown up the night before which caused us to cancel any and all plans we had on St. Patrick's Day anyway.

By mid-afternoon, she was feeling much better and asked to go outside for a bit to break in her new boots. She wanted to "plash in the cuddles" which may be the cutest thing she's ever said. 

We baked cupcakes last week because Mommy had a chocolate craving, so we chose cookies today. I use holidays, or pretty much anything, as an excuse to make cookies.

I set up a mini studio in the garage and forced my kids to pose for their obligatory St. Patrick's Day Pictures. Not really what I had in mind, but it will do :)

And no, I won't tell you what I said to make Jayce smile as big as he did for these pictures. :)

I hope everyone else had a better St. Patrick's Day than we did!


  1. cute pics! we slacked big time on st. Patrick's day around here... at least we had green shirts on!! love the portraits of your cute kids!!

  2. They all look awesome in their shirts.

    Mm, cookies. I do love cookies.


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