Physical Therapy Graduation

Yep, guess who's not in therapy anymore??

Jocelyn had her 6 month Baby Net re-evaluation last week. She scored showing only an 18% delay in Gross Motor Skills. This delay was not enough to keep her in the program.

So we said goodbye to our EI, Rachel :)

Rachel was an excellent EI and we were lucky to have her on our case!

I always have a hard time thinking of teacher and therapist gifts. Jaina thought that everyone could use a cup since Summer was coming. We bought them at Target and then had a local shop print out a vinyl monogram letter.

The following Monday, Jocelyn had her last visit at Pediatric Rehab with her physical therapist.

We will miss her very much. I have a habit of forming friendships with most of my kids' therapists. Both Jocelyn and I will miss our Monday PT sessions!

Jocelyn played with some Minnie dress up while Jessi and I discussed her evaluation score. According to their test, Jocelyn showed a 23% delay in Gross Motor Skills, which actually still qualifies her for therapy. Yet, the score was reflecting the fact that Jocelyn can't fully jump yet. But she is sooo close, that both her therapists and I think that she will any day now.

She is walking, running, kicking, balancing, and walking up and down stairs. I'm happy!

Jocelyn requested to swing the last few minutes of her session.

And then we tried to get a picture with Miss Jessi. Jocelyn wasn't exactly cooperative. I think I've mentioned before that my contrary two year old has a definite mind of her own. 

 We will miss these visits with these special ladies! I am SO thankful that they were part of our lives the last 6 months. Jocelyn went from barely standing and pulling up to walking with their help. I am a big believer in Early Intervention. Would Jocelyn have learned to walk on her own? Yeah, probably. But much later. And she would have continued to miss out on things that her same aged peers could do. Therapy can only help, never hurt. And now she's all caught up!

To celebrate, I think we will stay at home tomorrow in our PJ's all day and relish the fact that we don't have a therapy session on our calendar :)


  1. Wonderful! She looks so happy about it all, too. :) glad she had great therapists!


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