TBT: St. Patrick's Day 2006

I cannot, cannot, believe that these two are about to turn nine years old and 12 years old this Spring.

Its amazing to see how much they have changed. 

But also how much things have stayed the same. 

We still love to go to this park as a family to feed the ducks and take pictures near the beautiful flowering trees.

And coincidentally, Jayce still likes to pick grass up out of the ground :)


  1. oh my goodness!! look how little they were! i can't believe it either!! these are super cute shots of them! they were just(and still are) adorable!! :)

  2. Beautiful kiddos then and now!

  3. What a pair of cuties! :)

  4. So cute!

    My son just turned 12. Wah!

  5. Oh, such cuties!! Really fast how time flies, eh?

  6. Why do they have to grow up?! Boo hoo!

    Love, love, love your chevron header!


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