Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I hope you like purple...

Ugh, I'm so behind on blogging! That's the problem sometimes with having a blog. If I have time to blog it means we aren't doing anything interesting or exciting. If I don't have time to blog that means I have TONS of stuff to post! :)

Anyway, if you live near me and have ever used the bathroom at my house, I hope you like the color purple :)

Yes, its definitely purple...

With lime green accents :) And crooked towels add to the charm, right?

The kids absolutely love it. I hope so, since its really their bathroom :)

We now have approximately 1/2 of the rooms of the house painted.
-Jaina's room
-Jayce's room
-Kids bathroom

We still have:
-living room
-master bedroom
-master bath
-bonus room

And after getting purple paint on the ceiling that will now need touch ups, I really want to hire someone to paint the rest!


  1. I love the purple! It makes me happy.

  2. I absolutely love it!! It shows you are a fun and playful person!! Am I right?!!

  3. I love that you have green towels... I love the combination of purple and green (my wedding colors)! :)

  4. I love the colors. I need to see photos of your other rooms. We're going to have to paint our entire new home (most of it is flesh colored...ewwww...).


  5. Love purple! I'm always suspicious of people who paint everything neutrals!
    I hate to paint too. I always say it's "chain gang" work. Awful!
    And I just love the photos on your banner! She's beautiful!

  6. green + purple is such a great combination! (and i'm not just saying that because we redid a room in just those colours!) :D

  7. I love the purple bathroom! Can't wait to see what the rest of the rooms look like.

  8. Purple is my favorite color and I wish my bathroom was half as pretty as that!

  9. It's so great! I always see the paint samples on the wall when I go in that bathroom and wonder what your choice will be. I think it is fun for the kids. I need to do some painting myself but don't really have the desire to start!

  10. OMG! LOVE these colors! I was just seeing who is going on the Columbia I Heart Faces walk. I will see you in a little over a week!


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