I hope you like purple...

Ugh, I'm so behind on blogging! That's the problem sometimes with having a blog. If I have time to blog it means we aren't doing anything interesting or exciting. If I don't have time to blog that means I have TONS of stuff to post! :)

Anyway, if you live near me and have ever used the bathroom at my house, I hope you like the color purple :)

Yes, its definitely purple...

With lime green accents :) And crooked towels add to the charm, right?

The kids absolutely love it. I hope so, since its really their bathroom :)

We now have approximately 1/2 of the rooms of the house painted.
-Jaina's room
-Jayce's room
-Kids bathroom

We still have:
-living room
-master bedroom
-master bath
-bonus room

And after getting purple paint on the ceiling that will now need touch ups, I really want to hire someone to paint the rest!


  1. I love the purple! It makes me happy.

  2. I absolutely love it!! It shows you are a fun and playful person!! Am I right?!!

  3. I love that you have green towels... I love the combination of purple and green (my wedding colors)! :)

  4. I love the colors. I need to see photos of your other rooms. We're going to have to paint our entire new home (most of it is flesh colored...ewwww...).


  5. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Love purple! I'm always suspicious of people who paint everything neutrals!
    I hate to paint too. I always say it's "chain gang" work. Awful!
    And I just love the photos on your banner! She's beautiful!

  6. Anonymous2:40 PM

    green + purple is such a great combination! (and i'm not just saying that because we redid a room in just those colours!) :D

  7. I love the purple bathroom! Can't wait to see what the rest of the rooms look like.

  8. Purple is my favorite color and I wish my bathroom was half as pretty as that!

  9. It's so great! I always see the paint samples on the wall when I go in that bathroom and wonder what your choice will be. I think it is fun for the kids. I need to do some painting myself but don't really have the desire to start!

  10. OMG! LOVE these colors! I was just seeing who is going on the Columbia I Heart Faces walk. I will see you in a little over a week!


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