The Hairbrush Song

I'm sure I am not unique at all to have kids that love Veggie Tales. We've been hooked ever since Jaina's friend Lydia gave her the "Silly Songs with Larry" cd for her birthday 4 years ago.

Jaina's favorite song is "Sport Utility Vehicle" which never fails to put us all in tears from laughter.

Jayce's favorite song changes often. He loves "The Song of the Cebu". But then there's "Pizza Angel", where Larry is seen drinking a soda with his pizza (on the DVD we have). Jayce is always trying to convince us that soda is actually good for you and he thinks this visual example is solid evidence.

But I think, hands down, our family's favorite song is "The Hairbrush Song".

Except, it forces me, as a parent, to answer some very hard questions.

For example:

"Where is Larry's hairbrush?" Remember? The Peach has Larry's brush.
"Why did the Peach take Larry's hairbrush?" He didn't take it.  Bob gave it to him.
"Why did Bob take Larry's brush?" He knew Larry didn't need it.
"Why does Larry need a hair brush?" He doesn't really. He doesn't have any hair!
"Where did Larry's hair go?" Jayce, he never had hair! Cucumbers don't have hair!
"Why does the Peach have hair?" Because real peaches have fuzz on them.
"Is the Peach a real peach?" Jayce, the peach on the video is a cartoon peach. But yes, there really are real peaches at the grocery store.
"Why is the Peach's hair orange?" I don't know, Jayce. Its just a cartoon.
"Why did the Peach say "Thanks for the hairbrush."? Because, Jayce, the peach was happy that Larry gave him the brush!
"But Larry didn't give him the brush. Bob did. Did he say "Thank You to Bob?" Sigh... I don't know, Jayce.
"Why are they not dressed?" Because they aren't. 
"Why do Veggie Tales not have hands?" I don't know, Jayce. I didn't draw them.
"But who drew them?" I don't know, Jayce. We'll have to look it up on the computer. 
"Why are they on the computer?" Jayce can we be done talking about this?
"Why do you want to be done, mom?" Because I do.

Why did we teach him to talk?? :)

Just kidding. Sort of. 


  1. LOL!!! That conversation? Sounds very similar to the one that Larry had with another character (I forgot his name) on our Veggie Tales CD... similar in the sense that one question/answer simply leads to another! J & Z love the Veggie Tales CD, but for some reason, don't like the DVDs.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Oh, how I love it. I can't help but laugh at Jayce! That boy brightens my day!

  3. Love it! That string of questioning sounds all too familiar!! Happy Mother's Day :)

  4. TOO funny! :) Hope you had a great mother's day!

  5. Personally, we love "I love my lips." That song never fails to end in hysterical laughter...

  6. LOL, I've never heard of Veggie Tales...maybe that's a good thing ;)
    I can't wait to have that sort of conversation with the Bear.

  7. good questions - great answers! LOL. this post made my day! happy mother's day. :D

  8. Mallory loved the Veggie Tales and we sang lots of songs from them. The Cebu song being one of the favorites in our family. But I think our VERY favorite is the spoof of the boy bands with what we call the "bellybutton song" (as in "I don't got no bellybutton" - which as you guessed, why does a gourd need a bellybutton anyways?)

    I look forward to the day Julia is able to ask me so many questions about the Veggie Tales - I think it may be coming. We're stuck in the Mommy, what are you doing, and then 1 minute later, same question. Occasionally followed by why or why not! :)

  9. I love it!! Jayce is a scream!

  10. WHAT?! The "Love My Lips" song doesn't even get an honorable mention on here?!? What's wrong with you people?!

    Actually, I also love the Cebu song and "Dance of the Cucumber"...


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