Spring Fling 2010

The Spring Fling festival only comes to our downtown area once a year the first weekend in May. We never miss! Even when Jayce was only a few days old, we left him with Monica and took Jaina. Now *that* is dedication, right?

We got there at 2 PM and went straight for the kiddie rides.

And the inflatables....

Twenty dollars later (and no, I'm not kidding), we left the kiddie zone and walked around a bit.

Correction: Jaina walked.

If my opinion had counted, we would have brought the stroller. Yes, I know he's 5. But he doesn't have the stamina to keep up nor the stranger awareness to stay close to us. Oh well, those weren't MY shoulders that were sore :)

Hey, you want to see what grumpy tired hot kids look like?

And we had only been there an hour! And the temperature wasn't even in the 90's. What on earth are my kids going to do this summer? And no, staying inside with air conditioning is not how we like to spend our summer vacation :)

So, we parked ourselves in some shade and got a snack.
Ah, that's better.

Then it was off to find some face painting...

Jaina loves getting her face painted :)

Jayce? Not so much...

But it was his choice, I promise.

We ended our time at the festival by checking out all the vendors. Jayce bought a marshmellow shooter and Jaina picked out a stuffed dog (surprised? I didn't think so.)

Then Jayce had a complete meltdown and had to be carried to the car by Brian while Jaina and I finished up.

All in all, a success :) Now its really Spring!


  1. That looks fun. How do you know about all these jun activities you are always doing? I need to do more research because we love that kind of stuff.

  2. What a full hour+! I love the face paintings :) and I am totally with you on the stroller...and for riding in a shopping cart for that matter lol.

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    oh jess, another great outing captured! i love the highs and lows. the fun and the fatigue. the glee and the grumpitude :P isn't that usually the way these things go! - ana

  4. What a fun tradition. I love family traditions. We have always gone to our county fair. Even before our kids were born. We have never missed a year. Fun memories!

  5. Sounds like a great day! Yet again, I'm so jealous of your beautiful photos.

  6. lovely pics! they can jump in a pool/sea during the summertime. :)

  7. Curly fries fix everything! He was really concentrating on his "rock" wall.

  8. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Great pictures! I love local festivals!
    When we go to Disney, we always rent the double stroller and by the end of the day, my oldest will hop in for a ride. There's just so much they can take!

  9. what a fun day! totally jealous that y'all were "hot" :)

  10. That looks like a lot of fun! I love fairs! Your kids are cute, too!


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