Our busy weekend activities

We started off the weekend pretty low-key. Although Jaina's stomach virus was on its way out, she still felt bad. I tucked her into bed with the portable DVD player and kept her away from Jayce's friend that came over. We enjoyed left over cake together and Jayce got to open up a few presents from his friend and his Grandparents in Indiana.

The next day, Jaina felt much better, but still not 100% herself. We helped Daddy with the outside chores and lounged around a lot.

Sunday was a different story, though!

First, I gave Jayce his "summer is almost here!" hair cut :)

One last look at that  beautiful hair:

And its now gone....

Ah, my boys with buzzed hair. Doesn't it just make his eyes pop? Same thing happens for his Daddy with short hair.

Then the kids played outside for a while. I'd say from the amount of time they've played on their swingset, we've gotten our money's worth already!

Brian was able to put on new tires for Jayce's "new to us" bike. It sure made a difference on how he does peddling!

Then we were off for some Spring Fling!! More pictures to come!


  1. Hope Jaina is 100% soon :) Looks like you had a great weekend, enjoy the fling!

  2. I love the pictures of him look at himself in the mirror! I'm thinking about buzzing my boy's hair off for the summer. Too cute!

  3. You definitely have a gift for photography... of course those beautiful children of yours really help put those photos over the top! :o)

  4. Even before I read your sentence about how the cut made Jayce's eyes pop, I was thinking that! He has gorgeous eyes!

    I've cut my son's hair since he was a baby, but I could never bring myself to give him a buzz.... :)

  5. I'm telling you...your kids have amazing eyes!

  6. awesome pics. the short hair def pops up his beautiful eyes.

    http://ash-throughyoureyes.blogspot.com - please follow if you like. :)

  7. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Your kids are beautiful! Great pictures by the way! You are so good with your camera!
    And your banner is great! So pretty!
    Love the new buzz! That child has beautiful eyes! Oh my gosh!

  8. Yes, beautiful pics! I do feel sad about the missing hair! :) Check out my blog...http://towninwifehouse.blogspot.com


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