Mother's Day does not equal perfect children

A perfect Mother's Day to me would include the following:

-sleeping late in a quiet dark house.
-laying in bed, reading my current book selection while my family makes breakfast.
-a surprise bouquet of flowers, along with cards and handmade crafts from the kids, awaits me at the table.
-during the sumptuous breakfast, where no one spills anything and everyone uses good table manners, we enjoy lively conversation.
-breakfast is followed by a fun family activity that makes everyone happy.
-a long nap comes next.
-the day is topped off with dinner out to my favorite restaurant.

Unfortunately, I think everyone at my house forgot it was Mother's Day.

We had our normal Sunday chores to do; laundry and grocery shopping. We added a trip to Lowe's in there, too. I convinced Brian and the kids that we should go strawberry picking that afternoon. Jayce did NOT like it one bit and walked himself back to the car. Dinner was at KFC (I *do* happen to love me some good ol' fried chicken!) because there was no way I was bringing my rotten-behaved children to a nice restaurant (in our house, a restaurant without a drive thru window is considered "nice") when they were acting that way. Good thing, too, cause Jayce spilled his entire soda about 5 minutes after we got there.

My one highlight of the day was that my mom came over and helped the kids make crafts for me to celebrate my day. Thanks, mom :) I think you must remember how little we appreciated YOU on past Mother's Days and are determined to make mine just a little more special. It meant so much :)

As for my kids... I'm afraid we're going to have to have a little "behavior bootcamp" here at my house. More about that later!


  1. your dream however sounds better wish on that wishing star a little harder :) man, wouldn't it be nice if all our dreams like that did come true? or at least some of them??
    you are a good mama and how nice of your mom to come over....don't you love having your mom close by?

  2. Is that a Waffle House menu that Jayce is holding there?! LOL!

    Good luck on that boot camp - tell me if it works and I'll do it, too! Especially if it works on husbands... ;)

    And Happy Late Mother's Day, Jess. You're such an awesome mom!

  3. Yea, wouldn't it be nice if Mother's Day was perfect every year? :)

    Thanks for the comment on my post but it wasn't my friend that lost a baby, it was Tiffany's. I actually don't even know those people.
    Just clarifying. :)

  4. happy mother's day...maybe that you'll catch that elusive "perfect" one next year! there's always next year...

  5. I'll enroll my daughter in your behavior bootcamp too!

  6. You weren't alone, Jessie. I ended up taking myself out for breakfast yesterday to make up for all the things I clearly mentioned we should do and didn't end up doing.

  7. Anonymous10:57 PM

    happy mother's day jess.

  8. awesome collage! i love me some KFC every now and then. yummmmm. where do i sign up for the bootcamp?

  9. Can I send my kids to your behavior boot camp, too?

    I cooked on Mother's Day... At least they had the grace to declare the meal a winner. :) I'll take that.

  10. Looks like a fun Mother's Day! Love you collage of pictures!

  11. Happy Belated Mother's Day! I've been meaning to tell you how wonderful your blog looks!


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