Field Day 2010

Okay, okay. Time to quit slacking on my blog. We've been having non-stop fun for almost 2 weeks straight and I have the thousands of pictures to prove it! Now I just need to get them on my computer and uploaded here! Be on the look out for Jaina's birthday, Awards day, International Choir, and lots and lots of playing in the sprinklers.

But first, FIELD DAY 2010!

We just love Field Day in our house :) The whole family orders school shirts to wear. Brian even takes a 1/2 day off work for the occasion. And if you know my husband, he NEVER takes a day, even a 1/2, off from work.

Jayce, Brian, and I arrived at the school just in time to see Jaina compete in a relay race.
As you can see, it involved a plunger and a tennis ball. I am always amazed at what props are needed for a fun field day.

Next up, "egg and spoon race." I had a hard time convincing Jayce that the egg was not real and would not break when it  hit the ground.

Jaina wasn't the only student we came to support. We clapped and cheered just as hard for Eva, especially since her mom was at work and couldn't be there.

Jayce was unenthusiastic about the whole field day concept and decided to walk away by himself for a while....

until one of the resource teachers got him involved. He was her "helper" for the rest of the events.

And he turned into quite a little cheerleader :)

Jaina was appreciative :)

After watching Jaina compete, there was still other events to watch.

The Three Legged Race:

I think the kids' favorite event was "Who can be the fastest team to roll their teacher in toilet paper?"

Then it was time for the entire class to form a human chain while passing a hula hoop around in a circle. I promise you... these teachers think of everything!

Then it was time for some refreshments.... ah!

And blogger just told me I have too many pictures in my post, so this will have to be continued!


  1. I LOVE all of your photos!! Boo Hiss to blogger!!!

  2. That looks like such a fun day - what creative teachers! Your photos are great, as usual :)

  3. Looks like a very fun field day, LOVED the plunger relay race {giggle} hopefully it was brand new. I think my favorite event would have been the hula hoop pass.


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