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Its Thursday again :) Time for another "Before and After" Blog hop with Monica from Pixel Perfect!

Here's a pic I snapped of Brian the other day at our friend's pool. It was late... the sun was most definitely setting. I didn't meter the light off his face, instead my camera picked up the blue sky background instead. Oh well... that's why God made photo editing programs, right?

I'm really not a huge fan of "over editing", even though sometimes I agree it does enhance the photo. I'd rather have my pictures properly exposed the first time. But, when sometimes you don't get what you want out of the camera, it can be fun to play around :)

So, there ya go :) I used Picnic because its easy. And free. And you can't beat both of those :) Gimp, too, is free, but its certainly not easy to use!

I hope you all enjoy my husband. Lately I've been enjoying him myself :)


  1. I really like the softness of this edit. It goes with his expression it seems.

  2. Does he feel honored that you chose him for your B&A? :)

  3. Great job. Although the sky is lovely in the first photo, he seems to be lost in it. The edited photo seems more 'real'. Well done.

  4. Looks great! I haven't used those programs before because I just use my husband's Mac from work and do it all in iPhoto (which rocks!). However, he might have to take it back to work because he had to give up his other laptop - the life of an IT guy I guess? :) So I might have to try those out.


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