Weekday Weekend

This past Monday and Tuesday were definitely not ordinary days.

In fact, it was more like "Weekend" than "Week Day".

When you have best friends that come rolling into town, that is definitely cause for celebration.

When they come to visit, its like no time has ever passed.

The first thing on our list was eating at Zaxby's... of course! When you can't get Zaxby's in North Carolina, you have to eat it while you can!

The next day, the kids did what they do best. Just soaked up the sun outside and played to their hearts content.

I guess that included giving Miss Jessie a heart attack. Sometimes K is too brave! And he happened to climb the outside of this slide when his mom had gone to the store. I kept picturing him falling and breaking his arm and me having to tell his mom what happened on my watch! Luckily, I convinced him to get down and all was well.

We retired to L's home for a massive cookout. The food was outstanding. Burgers, wings, sides, desserts, you name it. Even the kids ate pretty well.

And then it was pool time. Just so you know, it may be 80's already here in the South, but that does not mean the pool is warm. Its ridiculously cold. For some reason, kids never seem to mind!

Looks like Jayce remembered how fun drain covers were from last year at the pool...

And this last picture was priceless :) I honestly thought T wasn't really going to throw her son Q in the water. I was wrong!


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    All kids are born Canadian! Or so my best friend always says. We lived at the beach, and we'd be in jeans and jackets during Can-Am week. The Canadians would all be swimming and having a great time. Certainly made us decide kids must be born Canadian!
    Your pictures are great!

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM

    i love friends like that, where you can just pick up where you left off. looks like a fun time.

  3. I looooove Zaxby's. Their wings remind me of my beloved NY wings (where I was born and raised before moving to SC to get married).


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