Brian's Island

Yes, if Brian had his way, it would no longer be "Pawleys Island" but "Brian's Island". In fact, when the tide is low, a small part of the beach on the south side becomes its own "little island" that Brian fondly refers to as his.

We first went to Pawley's Island as a family when Jaina was 14 months old. I had only vacationed once in North Myrtle Beach with my aunt Diane years ago, so I wasn't sure what was so special about this small barrier island south of all the fun stuff. I have to admit, I wasn't all that impressed. I didn't realize that Brian's idea of a grand beach vacation was to actually sit on the beach the entire day doing nothing. Kinda hard to do with a toddler who needs consistent food and naps.

What was also hard to swallow was the fact that Brian had been coming to Pawleys Island for years... with his ex-girlfriend's family. So, all I heard the entire trip was, "OH! When I was here with "X's" family, we did blah, blah, blah..." I do not believe that I was actually speaking to Brian when we left for home after a week of that!

But this time, it was a compromise. One that ended up making our vacation perfect. No talk of previous trips to the island that didn't include our family. And we spent the perfect amount of time at the beach, and the perfect amount of time doing other things like the pool, mini golf, aquarium, and shopping.

I think Brian had a great time overall :)


  1. I am glad that your vacation turned out so well. I love looking at the pics and can almost be there with you through them!

  2. I have loved all your beach pictures and commentary. I love how you broke it down - each family member. I assume yours is coming tomorrow??

    It looks heavenly. I'm in need of a beach trip. There is not one in the near future, but I am still so ready :)

  3. My favorite picture is Brian kissing Jayce in the pool. Very sweet. How did you like the Hammock Shoppes place? I remember really liking the quaintness of all the little stores, but I've never been there with kids in tow. Might be a different story.


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