Farrell Barrell

My bestest friend in the entire world came to visit me a couple weeks ago :) I really don't deserve her. I mean, ever since she moved to Seattle, WA on May 22nd, 2002 (yes, that's just a mere 24 hours before the birth of Jaina), she has come to see me a billion times. Have I ever once flown out to see her? No. Cause I suck. And I never could fathom taking a 3 hour flight with an infant (and then a toddler, and then two kids, and then a child with autism) and battling the jet lag as well. Not to mention that Farrell is also a sleep tech, which means she works 7 pm- 7 am and sleeps most of the mornings away. Oh, and then there's that little thing about money. Do you know what it costs to fly from SC (or atlanta or charlotte) to Seattle?

But despite all those obstacles, Farrell comes anyway. It used to be a little more "worth it" to her to come all the way here. Rachel lived here for a bit. Tracey was still living here, as was Chrissy at the time. Now its just little ol' me and she comes anyway!

My kids call her Aunt Farrell and she loves them as much as they love her. We didn't do anything extraordinary. Farrell just slipped into our regular kiddie routine. We went to cooking club with MOMS Club, we toured the Arts Center where my mom works. We looked high and low for a decent coffee place for Farrell to get a cup! Basically we just hung out and caught up. Not that we needed to even catch up. Farrell is the type of friend that you just know so well, it takes about 5 minutes to catch up on all the latest gossip because she never changes (and yes, this is a GOOD thing!). We only talk once every month or so, but we keep in touch enough that I don't hesitate at all to call her my best friend.

Here are some pics from her trip :)


  1. Ahhh! Farrell. She looks the same. Wow, I would love to see her. Last I saw her was Spring break of 2000 when you all stayed at my apartment in Boca. The good old days!

  2. aw! this makes me jealous! :)

    are you coming to connie dinner on saturday?

  3. Aww man, looks like you guys had fun! You REALLY should fly out to see her.. and me too :)


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