Jaina's BFF

Jaina had her second sleepover ever this past weekend. Both the first time and this time included plans with her new Best Friend Forever Ravyn :) Rayvn's family moved here in June and we are thankful to have gotten to know them so quickly. They really just clicked :)

I think the girls had a fun time playing pretend all weekend.

Riding bikes and scooters:

Girls with Zinnias:

Ravyn giving me her best "helicopter" noise face:

Jaina said the sky looked like someone had painted it!

Sunbathing at 7:00 PM


  1. Too cute! Great pictures.

  2. I found out over the summer that boys are way too immature for sleep overs, they get sick of each other after 4 hours. I am glad that Jaina has such a great friend. I wish Joshua could grow up with her, they would be best friends :)

  3. There is nothing like a best friend...how sweet!


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