Is it finally mommy's turn??

I wasn't planning on posting the 4 pictures of me that I made Brian and Jaina take because I didn't really care for them, but it would be nice to document that I did, in fact, go on this trip with the rest of my family. Hopefully either my self-portrait and self-timer skills will improve, or else Brian and Jaina will learn how to take better pictures!

So, what did *I* think of the beach? Pretty close to perfect. I think it was the perfect vacation for our family this year. It was fun, relaxing, and a nice freedom break from being a SAHM for 5 days. I didn't get up with the kids alone, nor did I cook every meal for them, nor did I have to watch them every second of the day. I actually got to finish my Nora Roberts novel from the library and start a Danielle Steel book from our condo.

My funniest memory of the beach happened the second day we were there. The particular bathing suit I had picked out for that day sure collected a TON of sand while I was lounging in the ocean. When we got back to the condo, I herded the kids straight to the bathroom so we could all shower together. Jayce watched in horror as clumps of sand fell onto the clean linoleum floor. "STICKY!!" he screamed! I assured him that I would clean it up later, after our shower. "Dirty!" he repeated. Then he said, "Mommy! Dirty diaper! Mommy! Change diaper!" meaning my bathing suit :) I still get a giggle when I think of it!

Okay, I'm done. Done with the pictures of the beach, done talking about it. We've been home for over a week now, so its time to move on. Pictures from this past week to come. Only one full week of summer left for Jaina! We have a lot planned!


  1. good to see you once in a while too :) and good to hear that your vacation was a good one for you. sometimes as moms, vacation doesn't really seem like vacation, just a change of scenery, which is still nice but... so I'm super happy it was a real vacation for you :)

  2. I am so glad u all had a great time. I really enjoyed all the pics. I am enjoying reading your blog as well:)

    I can not believe Dameron will be a sophomore this year. Time flies when u are raising babies. He goes Monday to get his schedule!

    Ava is going to preschool again this year for 3 days a week. We may up it to 5 not sure just yet.

    Where will Jaida attend this year? Have you school shopped yet?

  3. I like the pictures. I am too hard on myself, so most of the time I am not in pictures or I critique them to the point where I don't let anyone see them. I think your pictures show a happy memory and that's what you want your children to remember :)


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