First Day of School, Jaina!

My baby is a First Grader!!!!!!!

I can't tell you all how nervous I was about her day today. Let's just say that the first impression that I got of her teacher this year wasn't exactly a warm, friendly, inviting one.
Then, all I heard today from others were, "Wow, she has Ms. S? Boy, is she STRICT!" EEK! Now, "strict" is not necessarily a bad thing, its just different. I'm not a very strict parent overall. Yes, I am strict about obeying the rules, but we have like 5 that we even worry about. I think I'm more "consistent" than anything. Strict would imply that I micromanage every little thing my kids do and stick to a strict schedule. Nah... nothing could be farther from the truth. I'm pretty laid back and relaxed. Our main goal is to have fun. I try to remind Jaina that if we follow the rules, then more people have fun because they aren't getting hurt or annoyed by our behavior.

Well, Jaina had a great day. They went to computer lab and music today. She ate lunch for the first time in the cafeteria. She got lost going to the bathroom, but her old Kindergarten assistant was there to help direct her back to her classroom. All in all, Jaina was happy. Her teacher smiled and gave her a good report.

I just hope this positive attitude continues throughout the year :)

The note I stuck in her lunch box. Its amazing that last year she couldn't read my note, but this year she could :)

The obligatory front step picture :)

Showing off her new backpack!

Jaina's desk in her new class. You might not be able to tell, but she was very very nervous!

Relaxing in the car after having a good first day!:


  1. Your so lucky you were able to go inside the classroom, last year the parents were allowed to meet their children in the hall. I hope I don't have to bring Justin, it will be so hard.

    Joshua is nervous too and not looking forward to the portable. Some kids don't even notice when their teacher is strict, since they don't really know better. Joshua had a strict Kindergarten teacher, but she was really young and pretty so that made up for it.

    I am sure Jaina will do great, we as parents on the other hand, we do terrible.

    Isn't it great when our kids can read what we write.

    Joshua's first day is finally tomorrow, stupid weather down here!

    I am glade she had a great day!

  2. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Such a big day! Congrats Jaina and Jess.

    Isn't it nice that she can read? One of my favourite things is writing notes to my lil girl.


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