Jayce's first day

In the car, on the way to school:

Walking to the door, clutching his "High School Musical" tote bag, which is just a plain denim bag with a HSM button on it :)

Pick up time! Thank goodness I was early, because the kids were already lined up in the hall at 10:20!

Here comes Jayce and Mommy!

So, how did his day go?

Honestly, I have no idea. Kinda frustrating. I mean, he didn't cry or try to leave when I dropped him off. He was happily engaged with some toy that the TA was showing him. When I picked him up, his nose was a bit drippy (Allergies or had he been crying??) and the only info his teacher gave me was, "He had juice and fruit loops for a snack." I assumed his behavior chart would tell me more about his day in his folder, but it wasn't filled out at all. Because of privacy issues, we aren't allowed to discuss things at drop off or pick up, so I hope I get some indication today whether or not things are going well.

When I dropped him off today, he wasn't so happy to go in. He said, "Jayce stay in car" and "All gone Miss H." and "school go bye bye?" but when we got there, he seemed okay. The TA helped him hang his little bag up and he followed her just fine.

My baby!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, your little baby. He's so brave. Justin would have been hysterical.

    I hate that when you don't know how their day went. How many days does he go now? The class looks great, really stimulating visuals and computers too!

    I wish him well, our babies are growing up to fast, I need to get some more babies, ha ha, wish it were that easy.

  2. Oh man, that must have been hard for you and Jayce!

    And is he supposed to have fruit loops?


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