Baby Sitting

We live across the street from the most wonderful people we could ever meet. From the day we moved in, Lori and Denis have shown us neighborly love and support. Whether its a ladder they lend us, or babysitting Jayce, or teaching Jaina piano, they are always there for us.

I enjoy our relationship very much, but sometimes feel like its a bit one-sided. Since all of their 4 children are grown and on their own, they are seldom in need of a babysitter.

That is, until their son and daughter-in-law became the proud owners of a foreclosed house that needed a lot of work. Lori and Denis spent hours upon hours helping them paint, pull up carpet, putting floors in, and grouting tile. Then there was the actual moving in sorts of things, too.

But if Grandma and Grandpa needed to help put the house together, who was going to watch little 18 month old, A?

Lucky for us, I quickly volunteered for the job. Jaina and Jayce absolutely adored babysitting for her. And even though she'd only been to our house once or twice before, she was excited every time her mommy dropped her off.

She was the easiest babysitting charge I think I've ever had. A has the sweetest disposition. She was naturally curious, but didn't seem to get into things as much as Jaina did, if I recall correctly.

Since it was such smooth sailing for all of us that week, I managed to catch some cute pictures of her.

Oh my, isn't she precious!? I have to admit that babysitting her did not cure my baby fever. Instead, it most certainly enhanced it. Either way, I'd be more than happy to babysit for her again.


  1. Just looking at her made my baby fever sky rocket. She's adorable. Perfect. I love 18 month olds. You took some really nice photos of her.......

    Wah, I want a baby girl so bad, I can't take it. I find myself walking in the girl isles and all that stuff. I saw so many babies in strollers at the run yesterday. I really, really miss my babies.

    Thanks for always commenting on my blog, your so kind and sweet.

  2. She is gorgeous!


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