North Carolina in a Nutshell

My kids took it pretty hard the day that their best friends moved away. Jaina thought it would be three years before we ever saw them again. Jayce didn't understand why they wanted to live in a new house when their old one was perfectly fine. And both kids didn't understand that their new house in North Carolina was not just over the state border like most places we visit in NC.

They definitely needed a visual to understand where their friends went. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to visit them this past weekend. Jaina and Jayce had a Teacher Workday last Friday and their friends Ashlan and Kyler had a teacher workday on Monday. We both let our kids skip one day as well. That gave us a long 4 day weekend in which to play. And play we did!

We rode bikes, scooters, and power wheels:

We went to a festival:

We played dress up:

We played at the local "tractor" park:

We painted pumpkins:

And of course, we went to the beach:

Brittany, thank you SO much for hosting our family last weekend! We had a fabulous time on our mini-vacation! And we can't wait to do it again! Except that due to the 6 hour drive, it probably will not happen next Thursday like Jayce thinks. I will try to encourage him to play "kickity-kickball" here instead :)


  1. what fun! there is nothing like the company of good friends.

  2. what wonderful pictures. looks like good times and great memories were had.

    Love the painting of pumpkins and that beach looks way better than our beach down here!!! We have too many buildings.

  3. Great pictures! Looks like the kids had a wonderful time with their friends.

  4. Looks like you guys had a fabulous weekend!

  5. Wow! Looks like you guys had a blast.

    I just came across you blog and I love it can't wait to read more!

  6. that's so nice that you all got together again. i know the feeling of moving your kids away from friends, and it's so nice when both sides make an effort to stay in touch.


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