Cookies and Pilates

Those two things together, right?

Well, in *my* house they do.

I have to say that I've been pretty lucky these last 30 years of my life. I can eat pretty much whatever I want (except for popcorn!) whenever I want to, and my weight stays relatively the same.

Now, before any of you start composing your nasty comments about how much you hate me, please take note that although I am fairly skinny according to American standards, I am not healthy.

For the longest time, my Body Mass Index (BMI) was grossly underweight. No matter how much oil I cooked with, no matter how many Big Macs I ate, no matter how much ice cream I consumed, I had the hardest time staying above 105 pounds. Now, this might not seem like a problem to most women who would love to shed a few (or twenty) pounds in order to fit back into jeans they wore in college. But for me it was. I didn't feel good. I didn't look good. My hip bones protruded and my kids often complained that they couldn't cuddle me on my lap comfortably. I was tired. I had no energy. Clothes hung off me. I couldn't walk a mile without being winded. I couldn't run a block if I had been forced to.

I am so lucky that I am surrounded by such supportive friends. I hooked up with my "Walking buddies" who consisted of moms I had met in MOMS Club a few years prior. Patty, Dana, Jeanne, Jessica, and I would meet 3x a week and walk approximately 4 miles while pushing strollers.

Oh my, did it suck when I first started. I don't think I made it an entire 4 miles for the first month! But eventually I did. I had worried a bit that I might lose weight that I desperately needed to keep on, but instead I held steady by gaining muscle while burning calories.

Well, Fall schedules have changed for us all and we no longer have our formal walking club. Dana joined a gym, Jessica has been working outside of the home while her kids are in school, Patty is enjoying the freedom of kid-free mornings for the first time in her life, and Jeanne is helping her mom out at her job and volunteering for the school.

For me, I decided to make a commitment to work out in the comforts of my home with an exercise DVD. The best part is that I can do it anytime during the day or night. That's a huge plus with my crazy schedule! And I've found a willing exercise partner in Jayce. He loves to watch the ladies on the Pilates video instruct us on what to do next.

And while we watch exercise videos, we eat Halloween cookies.

Maybe that's why I can't make it through the entire 60 minute video?
So, how do YOU keep in shape?


  1. This is so cute Jessie. I am so proud of you. You also have the Staska metabolism, if it's anything like Jeremy's then you just don't gain weight.

    Cookies and exercise videos.....what an incentive!

    Pilates is so good for your core. I love working out at home to my videos. I do see results too and you don't have to be intimidated like your are at the gym.

    I like that Halloween thingy behind the cookie plate, in the picture. Your house seems very festive. We just got our Halloween box out and will start this weekend.

    By the way I haven't weight 105 in my adult life, maybe 112 the lowest. It's important to be active and healthy with kids, I am glad you chose the later and feel better, plus when your too thin, your hair falls out, at least mine does.

    I have seen a transition in my "old goat" body since I avidly started running a year ago. I have less lung problems and my heart palipitations stopped. My head seems clearer too. Helps me think better.

    Good for you.!

  2. You sound like me! I am turning 30in two weeks and have been about the same weight since I was 14. But I do have a very good appetite! I'm wondering if turning 30 and having kids (which I don't have yet) will change that for me...

    I thought I was just a healthy lightweight until I bought Wii Fit recently. Have you done that? It keeps telling me my BMI is low and gives me the sad face with the sad music. Then it makes me set goals to "gain" weight and suggests I do strength training and yoga. It's kind of funny, actually.

  3. what dvd do you use? i want to start doing yoga or some kind of exercise like that. but i'm not sure what to buy

  4. I have a pilates workout that I got from amazon and watch on our roku device. It makes me so so sore but I love it! I have the opposite problem, lots of weight to lose but I don't hate you LOL...we are all different :) So I do that once a week or so but I usually go to the gym for treadmill and weight lifting.

  5. Oh Jessie, I hope your metabolism doesn't shut down like mine did at 40! :-) I love your workouts--exercising and cookies, now THAT'S a workout I could do! Love your beautiful.


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