Greeks and Geeks

I can't help but giggle when I look up and see the title of this post :) Nope, I'm not about blog about some new silly TV show drama about computer nerds trying to get into Greek fraternities. Although.... hmmm... not a bad idea. Anyone from NBC reading my blog?

Instead, this post title is about my husband. He is both a self-proclaimed "geek" as a computer programmer and also 1/4 Greek on his mother's side.

And as a family that supports our husband and daddy, we like to follow along to be geeks and Greeks as well.

The Geek Gathering: Fall, 2009

We met at Stephen and Kimberly's house this time for the Fall edition of The Geek Gathering. Our plan was to grill out while the kids all played in the backyard. No one expected the buckets of rain that poured down on Georgia and South Carolina for days on end. So we packed up our Rock Band game and brought it with us :)

Finally the rain stopped and the kids got to go outside. New kittens had just been born a few weeks earlier and all of us had fun cuddling them.

Jaina's favorite part of the whole evening was discovering the awesome playhouse that Stephen and Kimberly's daughter Hunter plays inside. Guess what Jaina has been asking for us to buy her since then?

The next weekend, our family attended the local Greek Festival:

We had greek food.

There were bouncy houses and slides.

Jaina spun around upside down.

Jayce watched on the sidelines, all the while insisting that he was "tall enough to be 7" so he could do it, too.

And, since it was a festival, we had to get our faces painted!

We ran into our good friends, The Beals:

And there was ice cream:

And dancing. Jayce wasn't shy at all about getting out on the dance floor. But he had to convince his big sister Jaina!

Up next: FestiFall at Walnut Grove Plantation

Does your family attend Fall Festivals, too?


  1. You always have the most beautiful pictures! Looks like fun!

  2. so sweet where they are dancing. I miss all the southern fall festivals.

  3. That looks like so much fun! I tease my husband about being a "geek" too, he's a computer guy as well :)


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