On this day in history....

Three years ago, around this same time, we finally started feeling the Fall weather. We had just received Jayce's Tiger costume in the mail from Ebay. We were anxiously awaiting Jaina's Jasmine costume in the mail from the Disney Store. We had just bought pumpkins. Wow, how things have changed, yet in most ways, they are still the same :)


  1. Hi Jess! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love your pictures on your blog and your kids are adorable. I'm slightly jealous that you have better Fall weather ikn the upstate than we do on the coast. I've been down here since 1985 and I miss having 4 seasons! Have a great week. I look forward to reading updates on your post.

  2. One of these pictures would be perfect for my Fall Baby Contest! I love your header- what cute kids and beautiful photos!

  3. Oh, my goodness! So so cute!! Don't you just wish we could freeze them in time (On the good days, of course- Ha!)?


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