Chimney Rock in the Fall

Last weekend, we took our usual trip up to Chimney Rock State Park. Get ready for a LONG post!

Welcome to the Great Woodland Adventure:

We attempted a family picture at our "spot" that we normally try to take pictures. You never know! Maybe one will be good enough for our Christmas card! But not this time....

Will it turn into a Prince?

This interactive exhibit always reminds me of the Blair Witch Project, but I'm not sure why. It should remind me of The Birds instead!

Although the leaves were not at their peak color, they were definitely starting to turn!

I know that these aren't considered "real" mountains to people that live in actual mountainous regions of the US, but I think they are beautiful anyway.

As we hiked, the kids pointed out all the different colored leaves they could find:

Our goal:

As soon as we hiked up all the stairs, we stopped to rest in the cafe. Jayce took my picture :) He also took about 20 other pictures that needed to be deleted!

While we were up at the top walking around, I offered to take a family picture for a couple and their two kids. They returned the favor. Jayce was not impressed.

The view is so breathtaking on top of the chimney:

Jayce had wanted to climb up on the rock himself. Brian was afraid he would get hurt, so he had me set him up on top. Jayce was not happy. After I took the picture, I got him back down again. Jayce then attempted to climb up the rock himself. He slipped and bit his tongue and scraped his chin. Brian said, "I told you so."

Once back down, the gift shop made everyone feel much better.

While in the gift shop, Jaina sweet talks her daddy into buying her yet another stuffed animal. I think our house may explode soon. Meet "Snaily". Jaina is extremely artistic and imaginative, but she stinks at giving stuffed animals creative and/or original names.

Outside the gift shop, we waited for the bus.

Jayce was in a pretty bad mood because of his scratch, but Daddy got him to smile:

One of Jayce's favorite parts of Chimney Rock is the bus ride up and down the mountain. But here he is being his grumpy little self again.

Yet another picture of "Snaily"

If you don't know it by now, my husband is a big goof. He likes to threaten to choke me. Yes, he thinks this is funny. No, he doesn't listen when I tell him to cut it out. Yes, sometimes he acts more like an annoying big brother than a husband. No, he does not care when I tell him this.

While we were walking to the gem mine, we passed a hideously looking turquoise building that completely stood out among the shops made to look like rustic wood cabins! But hideous buildings are colorful backdrops in disguise!

Now that my children have experienced the awesomeness of gem mining, they are going to want to do it EVERY time!

And last, but not least, we always get ice cream before we leave:

We had a great time, despite Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Goof. Okay, maybe that should say that Jaina and I had a great time!

I'm sure we'll do it again in November!


  1. Great story to go along with the pics. Made me feel like I was there to experience it all with you, lol. I love the expression on Jacye's face at the top, he was definitely not into getting his picture taken.

  2. Love the pictures! Sounds like a great trip...even if you did have Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Goof along for the ride :)

  3. What a fun place to visit. Nice family traditions. I love your comment about the stuffed oldest has a very soft spot in her heart for her "friends" as she calls them and we have so many, I have to circulate them in and out. I have 2 huge bags filled with them (think the plastic bags that you get comforter sets in) along with 2 little bags full. She loves them all and knows exactly where she got each one. She is now trying to corrupt her little sister into loving "friends" also. Oh the joys. Looks like a very nice family day!

  4. I'm ready to head back up there!

  5. Your kids are gorgeous!!! And that Blair Witch line is hilarious. I so think the same way!!

    What a fun blog.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. That looks like so much fun! We need to get up there to see all the leaves! I havne't talked to you in forever, I miss it. Me and Donna want to try and top by next Teusday, I will give you a call.


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