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Well, thank goodness I don't get graded for my blog posts or photo assignments. 'Cause I'm pretty sure I'd fail this one.

The assignment:

Take a single photo each hour for ten consecutive hours on the 10th day of the month.

I started out okay.

7:10 AM... time to take kids to school. Jayce refused to be in the photo and Jaina was specific on where she would stand. So much for natural!

8:15 AM.... well, this one was slightly harder to capture. I was in the shower at exactly 8:15 AM when I remembered I needed to take a photo for my 8 O'clock slot. This is as good as you are gonna get. No one wants to see me naked, I promise!

9:15 AM... found me working upstairs on my computer. I emailed playgroup reminders, organized hostesses for December playgroups for MOMS Club, uploaded pics, and started the editing and selection process from my Sunday photo session. And yes, my desk is that messy all the time.

10:15 AM... still working away! I've completed one photo session and burned a disc. On to the other one!

11:15 AM.... here's where I fail. I pulled up to my children's school right at 11:10 AM. And instantly realized that I left my camera at home on the counter. Crap. I go in and have lunch with Jaina, followed by lunch with Jayce.

12:15 PM... I'm leaving the kids' school and heading all the way back to my house to pick up my camera. Why? 'Cause I couldn't miss this:

1:15 PM... at this moment, my dear friend Angie's 1 day old newborn is receiving her hearing test. I've never seen this done before! She slept right through it!

2:15 PM... I'm racing across the parking lot to pick up the kids from school. Then its back to the hospital to pick up Angie's 2nd oldest who needed a break from the new baby stuff. I totally forgot to take a photo!!

3:15 PM... I swing by the library on the way home to return over due books and videos. Then off to home! We've just walked in the door when the phone rings. Its Becca and she wants us to meet her at the park. Okay!

4:15 PM... One last pic at the park before heading home. Jayce's ABA therapist arrives at 4:15!!

5:15 PM... this next photo is deceiving. Jayce pretty much had a meltdown as soon as Allie walked in the door. He wanted to change all the clocks in the house to say 4:15 PM. We let him change the microwave clock since he could reach it, but it didn't appease him. He pretty much argued and cried and yelled the entire 2 hours she was there. There was a brief moment where he agreed to sit down and write his name one time. Hence, the photo.

6:15 PM... its dark by this time and we have to take Virginia back home to stay with her grandma while Angie is still in the hospital. Another fail on the photo capturing.

7:15 PM.... Ah, dinner. A turkey roast from the crock pot with yummy veggies. And bread.

And that was my day. I'm tired!


  1. I'd be tired too!

    Nice 10.

  2. Looks like a very busy day!

  3. nice work! busy day! :)

  4. ohhhh! 1:15 pm <3 !!!
    thanks for sharing your day jess. interesting assignment! not sure i could keep up.

  5. EEK! She looks just like Tony. ♥ Bless you for sharing that.

    You're such a busy woman no wonder you didn't get them all taken!

  6. Wow- I'm tired to just reading that. But that didn't stop me form saying "squishy baby!" outloud as soon as sweet baby Liza's picture came up. I can't stand- it is almost enough to make me want another baby.

  7. yay! love your ten! wasn't it fun?

  8. Jess, reading your post made me tired for you! You are such a superstar mom and friend--but do you ever just rest?! Love the 10 on 10 idea...

  9. Love the little newborn photo! How sweet! I love this idea!


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