Thanksgiving Walker Style

by Jaina

There is green beans and ham and bread and peas
Mash potatoes and turkey, Yipee!
We have a big party with people and food
Spending time together is what we do.

Okay, so we didn't have peas, we had green beans. But that doesn't rhyme as well, so I'll let it slide :)

The kids and I are currently residing in my home town of Tucker, GA where I lived from 1990-1997. Even though I lived in Boca Raton, FL from birth to age 11, I barely remember what it feels like to live way down south. When I come back to Georgia, though, it feels like home immediately.

We come down here for Thanksgiving every year. I'm thankful that my stepmom never minds cooking the big traditional meal. I have never cooked a turkey in my life and don't plan on it any time soon!

My yearly thanksgiving contributions usually include some sort of veggie or side and some chocolate pudding pie with graham cracker crust. Yum!! Now *that*, I can handle :)

We've been here since Tuesday evening and its been a whirlwind of adventure! We took the kids to North Georgia to the home of Cabbage Patch Kids. Then I went out with my sister and dad on a "daddy-daughter date" to see Harry Potter 7. Today has been filled with catching up with two out of three of my brothers. Tomorrow will find us visiting my old best friend from High School :) We'll also try to cram a trip to Stone Mountain in as well. Oh, and we have already bought tickets to see "Tangled" in 3D on Saturday morning :)

I hope all of my dear friends and family are having a wonderful time as well on this Thanksgiving holiday. There is much to be thankful for :)


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    your little boy understands to smile for a picture. perhaps you and your husband should open your hearts and unlock a new gateway that will help you better understand your child.

  3. Ooohh, was the Harry Potter movie good? Am looking forward to seeing it:)

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Jen

  4. Sounds like a perfect holiday weekend! We seen Harry Potter this afternoon as well. I can't wait for part 2!


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