More from the Park by the Lake

Jaina's elementary school offers a free dance class on Wednesday afternoons. The only catch is that I have to drive to the school twice; once to pick Jayce up at 2:15 and then again at 3:45 to get Jaina. But, that's what you do as a mom so your kids don't miss out. She really enjoyed going for a while, but then got tired of it.

So now Wednesdays have become our "park days" again :) We don't have ABA until 4:15 so we are free for 2 hours to do whatever we want! This past week we chose to go to the park by the lake. We hadn't been there in forever!

Its funny how willingly my kids tolerated the camera this time! I really think Jaina has been jealous that I've turned my camera on so many other kids lately!! :) Hey, whatever works!


  1. I love that girl. She has spunk! And you know I just want to smooch Jayce.

    Our park days are over for the season. I'll go but the kids refuse. LOL

  2. I was just thinking about how well your kids seemed to be cooperating for the camera, and then I saw you had commented on it too. Its amazing when you happen to catch both in that mood at the same time!

  3. too funny about their willingness! ;)


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