Halloween Recap and Thankfulness

So, my friends did something last year on their blogs that I wanted to try for myself. For the month of November, each blogger listed one thing they were thankful for each day.  So often the holiday of Thanksgiving is much overlooked between the tricks-and-treats of Halloween and the magical season of Christmas. Even if you don't agree with the conflicting accounts of the "First Thanksgiving" that may have happened in Plymouth in 1623 or agree with the way Native Americans were treated by the colonists, Thanksgiving has come to mean a universal day to celebrate all we are blessed with.

I definitely need a reminder to be thankful for all I have! Especially right this second when I'd like my kids to disappear from my messy bonus room while I'm trying to write this blog post :)

So, here's my thankful thought for the day:

-I am thankful for the opportunity to be a Stay-at-home mom to my children. I might complain sometimes about too much "togetherness", but I am truly thankful that my husband is able to provide enough income that allows me to be the sole caregiver for my children.

And now for some Halloween pics! Some of these are from trunk-or-treat and others are from trick-or-treat :)

I had a tornado:

And I had a Genie:

We also had pumpkins:

All in all, it was a fun Halloween eve :) Even if it was on a Sunday :P


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    i like the idea of listing all you are thankful for each day. Maybe I will try to do that also. That way there would be something to read on my blog each day!

  2. I love the tornado idea! Did he come up with that on his own?

  3. Oh my word..I don't think I have ever seen a tornado. That is the most awesome idea for a costume!!

  4. That tornado absolutely cracks me up!!! Great job on attaching the animals to it! Hahaha :)
    Halloween sounds pretty awesome!


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