No way today is Wordless Wednesday

Not when Jayce keeps cracking me up! His stuff is always too priceless not to share!

Earlier today:

mommy- "Do you want a snack, Jayce?"
jayce- "Yes!"
mommy- "What would you like?"
jayce- "Um, yogurt."
mommy- "Okay, you have one blueberry, one cherry, or some watermelon or raspberry. I'd rather you eat the old ones first."
jayce- "Mommy, I can't eat the old yogurt. It's inspired."

Just a few minutes ago:

daddy- "Jayce, tell me about your Guidance class today! What did you do in there?"
jayce- "I can't."
daddy- "Why not? Did you have Guidance today?"
jayce- "Yes."
daddy- "Then what did you do? Did you play a game or draw a picture?"
jayce- "I can't tell you. We had a substitution."


  1. Oh my gosh, he is a hoot! You are going to be so glad that you wrote a blog so that when he's big, you'll have all of his great sayings in one place! Love it.

  2. That is so stinkin cute! Love what kids say!


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