I am currently most thankful for....

Soccer being over!!!!

(does that make me a bad mom?)

No more twice a week practices! No more instant meals on those nights! No more dragging heavy chairs to the field! No more Saturday games that take up our entire morning!

The kids are thrilled, too. Well, not because the season's over. They'll miss their friends and coaches very much.

They are just thrilled they got medals :)

Now, we have a small break before basketball and cheerleading!


  1. i remember that feeling as we took a break from all formal activities over the summer. enjoy your break, though it sounds like you'll be right back in there soon :)

  2. I am so happy for you. I don't know how you soccer moms do it! Seriously! I would go batty. My kid doesn't like soccer. We tried fencing this fall, but even that is a once a week thing : ) just about all I can handle!

  3. If you're a bad mom, then I am too! I was so happy for it to be done! I love knowing we can actually eat like a family every night, for a while, anyway.
    Great pictures!

  4. With three kids in activities, I relate to being relieved when you get a break from it all.

  5. That was always my favorite thing about sports as a kid, getting a medal or a trophy at the end of the season.


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