To Blog or Not to Blog?

Oh my. I have a dilemma. (really spell checker? Dilemma has two m's? I had no idea!)

Almost two weeks ago, I dragged my husband and bribed my two kids to join me in Fall Family Photos. I bought new outfits that coordinated. I hired a photographer that I had never met before. I hemmed and hawed over location possibilities.

And my kids were terrible during the shoot. No, I'm not kidding. I can't tell you how many times I apologized to the photographer for Jaina's attitude or Jayce's disobedience. My candy bribes did not work. I finally had to threaten them with going straight home after the shoot and NOT stopping for Krispy Kreme donuts in order to get just one shot of them together, smiling and looking.

And this is why, my dear friends, I do not attempt Family Photos with my tripod and remote. Because someone might murdered in the process. Or at least have a long time-out, which to my kids, is just as bad.

The photographer was incredibly patient and good with my children. She knew how to pose, engage us, and let us engage each other naturally. If she had a website, I would surely be sharing her info with you all. But alas she only has a FB page and a flickr account. And you have to be her friend to see her stuff. Oh well!

Well, I just picked up the disc of images today. All 506 of them!

Yeah, there's a bunch of Jayce trying to escape and a bunch of Jaina pouting when she didn't get her way... BUT, there are some amazing shots on there as well. That totally capture our family's quirky personality and love for each other.

I'm in love with my family's photos.

I could not wait to come up here to the bonus room and upload them to Facebook! And my blog! And my website!!

But something stopped me.

How awesome these pictures would be as the images I use on my Christmas cards?

How much would my parents love a canvas print of our family to add to their wall?

How much would my in-laws love a photo book of all my favorite images?

And what would happen if they received these gifts after they've already seen them? Would it take the surprise and joy away?

So, I'm not posting my images after all.

okay, maybe just one :)


  1. oooh, gorgeous!!! love love love!

  2. Oh Jess- that is a lovely picture. Lovely lovely lovely. You have just listed all of the reasons why I have never hired someone to take family pictures- I just know that I will shell out big money and then have Eleanor crying, Harper picking her nose, Alden sticking his tongue out, and Zachary doing a vapid fake smile. Heck, I can capture all of that with my camera but I know that I will also feel murderous during the course of it. I certainly need to bite the bullet so that there are some pictures of all of us together. Anyway, your one picture looks good- I can't wait to see more.

  3. I completely feel your pain. We were just in the same exact boat! I couldn't even bribe my little punks with a trip to the candy store. They did not cooperate whatsoever.

    I love your new family picture and I can't wait to see more!

  4. I'm so glad you posted at least one! It's gorgeous--and your family will love their Christmas presents!

  5. This picture is gorgeous!! Hopefully after Christmas you will share some of the others!

  6. Aw, you teaser! I have too many blog posts dedicated to relating our unsuccessful attempts at do-it-yourself holiday or birthday photoshoots.

  7. Cute picture! And I agree, you can get some awesome Christmas gifts out of family pictures. But please be sure to post them after Christmas cause if they look as good as the one you've shown I'd love to see the rest.

  8. that's where i am right now with the gifts i'm making! itching to blog, but can't. great photo jess!

  9. This is a horrible tease, as you wrote about a photo I can't see! For some reason all the images on this page are giving me the "?" in a box... none are loading! So I read this blog, want to see all 506 photos, find out you're not posting them, but wait! YOU POSTED ONE!! And I can't see it. BUMMED! :) I'll try back later... hopefully it will load then!

  10. What a gorgeous family pic!!! I just know your family will love them!

  11. I love this shot, definately caught the spirit of the Walker family in this one!!

  12. This is why our Christmas card have only individual pics of our kids, and not a group shot. I can never get everyone looking the right direction and smiling at the same time.

  13. I want to see more! Great family portrait! We really need one, but I swear, my blood pressure always goes up every time we do pictures.

  14. What a great photo!!! I love it!!!!!

    Okay, I need to bug you about the 50mm again...yes I'm still learning how to use it! Haha How far away do you stand from your subject when you shoot 2.8 or even 1.8. I think that's my biggest issue...I'm standing to close messing up my DOF. And then of course I'm starting to play with shooting in manual. Are you constantly changing your shutter speed to keep the images exposed the way you want? I had to. The kids were outside playing and every shot I took showed a different exposure reading forcing me to change my shutter speed...Thank you for your infinite knowledge!!!!!


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