For Ana

I normally don't talk to squirrels or attempt any kind of wild animal photography, but when one hopped up on the trash can less than 5 feet away from the picnic table I was sitting at, I immediately thought of my friend Ana. She knits, she crafts, she designs cool blog headers and logos, she collects vintage pyrex, and she also talks to squirrels sometimes. 'Cause that's just how she rolls :)

So, in honor of Ana, I had a quick conversation with this little guy.

"Why, hello there little squirrel!"

"No, its okay! Don't be alarmed. I'm not going to shoot you."

"Well, techincally I am going to shoot you. Who came up with the idea that the verb shoot should mean the action of taking a photograph anyway?"

"I'm sure everyone at the park is looking at me funny now."

"Where are you going now, little guy? I can't believe you haven't hightailed it outta here yet."

"I also can't believe I'm talking to a squirrel."

"Yeah, YOU! I said I was talking to YOU!"

"Well, fine then. I guess this conversation is done."


  1. lol! i LOVE it jess!

    though your squirrel looks a lot more active and fit than mine.


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