I Heart Faces: Slice of Life

I was determined to grab a photo that represented my children TODAY and not go through my files from previous weeks. I've been majorly slacking in the "documenting our lives" category. That's why I love this weekly photo challenge because it always makes me pick up my camera with a purpose again :)

Yes, my son gets his name spelled out in Easy Cheese on Club Crackers at least once a week :)

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  1. I heard that only the good moms do that...

    Mine probably would have if we'd have ever had Easy Cheese.

  2. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Cute very creative!

  3. How fun to show your love in squeeze cheese. Fun idea and sweet photo.

  4. He is very talented with spray cheese I must say....and it is making me crave some right now... =)

  5. I love the focus on the crackers with Jayce in the background. You're such a fun mom! :)

  6. How fun! What a cute capture! I love the crackers with his name on it... so fun!


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