Spring Break: Day One

We leisurely awoke this morning at 7:30 AM, our first official day of Spring Break, to the sound of rain. And a bitter 39 degrees. Um, that's not what we signed up for, thank you very much!

Luckily, our park playdate with MOMS Club was relocated to Chuck E. Cheese.

Unlike the majority of moms in my area (maybe even in the nation!), I don't really hate Chuck E. Cheese's. I kinda like their pizza. And if you go there during the week, its usually pretty empty. As long as I have another friend to talk to while I'm there, I'm good!

My friend Jessica remarked that she may be taking my daughter to Vegas with her one day :)

She was playing one of the games like it was a slot machine, pumping tokens in as fast as she could.

She must have done something right 'cause she hit the jackpot numerous times.

Total tickets: 667

The sign on the camera in front of the red car reads, "Look here for picture." Jayce is very literal, as you can see!

They played many rounds of air hockey. Jayce wanted me to let him win, but I am ruthless when it comes to air hockey.

Sorry bud. Can't retrieve the puck that way after I've scored on you... again :)

Fun was certainly had by all!

Stay tuned for Day Two tomorrow :) The weather will be nice and we have outdoor plans!


  1. I like Chuck E Cheese too! Besides their pizza, the cake is AMAZING!!!!! :)

    We haven't had a park date in 5 months. Our parks are still SNOW covered :( YUCK!

  2. I like their wings!

  3. I haven't been there in ages!! Looks like a lot of fun and great pictures!!

  4. I admit, I think I may be one of 'those' moms. Its the germs that get me, the germs I tell ya! whew.:)

    I love how you manged to get such great lighting in there... your photos turned out wonderfully!


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