Monkey Joe's

Its been 4 months since the kids have been to Monkey Joe's! That's quite a change since last year when we went every Wednesday after school with our friends.

This time, Jayce would NOT leave Monkey Joe alone!

He grabbed a hold of that big purple hand and tried to drag him all over the play place.

I think Joe couldn't wait to escape his clutches!

Luckily Jayce made friends easily with some other children there. His therapist Kendall (who we miss very much since she got a teaching job!) followed him around to make sure Jayce was acting socially appropriate with the new kids and was thrilled that she didn't have to step in or re-direct much at all!

I forsee a lot of Monkey Joe's in our summer!


  1. We have a similar place like that around here and every time we go there, it's so hard to get the kids to leave! :)

  2. Love the picture of him with Joe! He looks so excited!

  3. We still haven't gone to Monkey Joes!! I was going to take the kiddos when channel 7 was doing a free night just to check it out but that was when the kiddos got over the flu and passed it on to me! I will have to take them over the summer though. It looks like so much fun!


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