Spring can't come fast enough!

If dealing with Influenza Type B, multiple cases of Strep Throat, several sinus infections, warts (on Jayce's hand), and pink eye weren't enough for us Walkers, it seems as if Jaina now has a stomach virus. Its either that or she just likes throwing up 7 times in 12 hours. I should have taken a picture of the laundry pile I had at 3 AM this morning. It was almost comical.

Oh, Spring.... where are you?

We vow to spend at least 1 hour outside playing each day. We'll soak up the Vitamin D from the sun, drink some Vitamin C from some juice, eat our green leafy vegetables for plenty of calcium, and attend the chiropractor faithfully.

And then can we stay well? Please?

The following photos were taken a few days ago while the weather was almost Spring-like :)


  1. I guess I stay home with sick kids way too much because Hanni always watches Little Bill when she is sick. This post reminded me of the song from the show. "Spring is here, spring is here, it's the best time of year." lol I love the sneak peak spring pics!!

  2. Awesome pictures! We're ready too :)

  3. Amen! We've been battling the sick germs too and couldn't be more excited for spring to come! I hope you guys fell better!

  4. Oh, I just LOVE that second to the last shot... of them in action. That was just BEAUTIFUL!


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