Child's Play

I was cleaning the kitchen the other day and saw this out of the corner of my eye....

How on earth is my baby old enough to be playing with baby dolls?

I remember when Jaina first picked up a doll (that she had gotten for her birthday) and patted its back and threw a blanket over its head in a crude attempt to cover it up.

I remember thinking, "How do they know how to do that? How does pretend play come so naturally?"

I sat and watched her cuddle her doll, rock it in her arms, and pat its back.

Then she put it to bed on the blanket next to her.

There might have been a little WWF play going on as well...

We'll just blame big brother Jayce for that influence. Jocelyn must have watched how he plays with dolls one day.

Milestones are bittersweet with this third baby of mine. 


  1. Ack! Skinny jeans! lol

  2. Awww... *MELT*!! So, so sweet to see a baby playing mommy to a baby doll. =)


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