The week in review

I don't know about you guys, but this past week felt like it went on foreeeever. Every morning I'd wake up and think to myself, "Oh my god... is it really only (insert day of the week here)??" It certainly didn't help that it rained except Friday. Oh, and we were supposed to get SNOW on Thursday night. 1-2" even! Um, yeah. It didn't even freeze. What a let down.

You know how some people suffer from SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder? Well, that's what I suffer from on rainy days. I'm okay the first day of no sunshine. By 48 hours, however, I'm a shell of my former self. I don't like to leave the house, drive the van, clean up, play with the kids, or pretty much do anything when its nasty out. I like to sit on the couch, eat snack food, and watch TV.

Thank goodness the beloved sun made its appearance yesterday and continued on to this weekend. I've risen from my funk, caught up on dishes and laundry, played with all three of the kids, hung out with the husband, let Jocelyn splash around in cold puddles, and cleaned out the vacuum. Obviously, some of those tasks were more fun than others :)

Anyway, here are pictures from last week:

1-3: Taco Bell lunch from two Fridays ago.
4: a rare picture of all three of my babies
5: playing baby dolls
6: my cleaning helper
7: brushing toothies
8: hi!
9: Brian-sized bleach
10: reading a book to sister
11-12: Happy Birthday Pink Doggie
13: Rain much?
14: Taco Bell lunch from yesterday
15: Big Smile
16: one-by-one wipes puller


  1. I'm so with you - I can't STAND the rain!

  2. Hahaha... the one-by-one wipes puller!! Yeah, I remember that. I don't remember which of them it was, though. Most likely Z. =)


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