Presently, my house has four people with drippy noses, two people that want to sleep all the time, two people who won't eat, and one little one who has a fever :(

It wasn't enough that the flu invaded our house last month.... no... the cold virus must have been jealous for attention, too.

Only Brian remains unscathed. That's pretty typical. We say he's too mean to let germs invade his body and stick around.

Being sick has caused us to miss out on enjoying this gorgeous weather we've had here. After 4-5 days of overcast, cold, and rain (LOTS of rain!), the sun finally came out and brought temperatures in the 60's with it. At least we were able to open our windows and air out our germy house for a bit.

Its also left me a lot more time for catching up on the blog. The problem? None of my pictures that I have ready to upload reflect the current state of my house. I'm not that behind. Just one calendar week. Its so funny how things can change in such a short amount of time

Be on the lookout for an extraneous number of pictures of the baby. Why? Her first birthday is coming up and I am determined to capture her in the 11 month state as much as possible.


  1. Hope you all feel better soon. Drippy noses are absolutely NO FUN!


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