Left Center Right

Last year, we celebrated our first annual Festivus for the Rest of Us. It was too fun not to have again. So, on a dreary cold December night after Christmas, we headed over to our friends' house to air our grievances in front of an aluminum pole.

We brought food that related to various Seinfeld episodes and had a "Donate to the Human Fund" basket on the table.

However, the most fun we had was not related to any Seinfeld, Kramer, Elaine, or George Costanza at all...

Patty introduced us to the game Left Center Right:

 The concept is very simple. Every player starts out with three dollars. Then you take turns rolling three dice.

On the dice is either a L (for left), and R (for right), a C (for Center) or a dot (means you keep it).

Then you just follow the dice.

Let's say you rolled a R, a C, and a dot. That means you'd pass one of your dollar bills to the player to the right of you. One of your dollars is placed in a pile in the center of the table, and the last dollar, you get to keep. You are now only left with one dollar. When its your turn to play again, you may only roll one dice. Now, if you run out of money, you are NOT out of the game. Remember, either player to the side of you could roll a R or a L during their turn to give you their dollar.

The player with the last dollar left wins the entire center pile.

When we first started the game, things were calm and unemotional. Besides our host and hostess, none of us had ever played before.

Soon, you couldn't keep a smile off our faces as we eagerly awaited our turn.

And that led to some good-natured ribbing and a lot of excitement....

The host ended up winning. I think it was rigged :P

Even the kids got in on the action. We let them use poker chips because that seemed a little less like gambling than using real money :)

Oh, what a fun night :) The only regret is that I did not snap a picture of our lovely hostess that created the entire event. My dear friend wasn't feeling top notch as she was nursing a headache and some neck pain, but she said the party was worth it :)

Until next year....


  1. Looks like a fun game!!

  2. Monica7:46 PM

    My family loves LRC! I have it, if you ever want to borrow it. We, however, let the kids play with money - we are all about promoting gambling :-)

  3. The game sounds rigged to me. Did you check to see if the dice were loaded after she won. ;)


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